Is Yahoo Trying to Get Microsoft to Bid Again?

30th June

Is Yahoo quietly trying to get bought out by Microsoft? “But the story didn’t quite end there. Since then, Microsoft and Yahoo have gone back to the table twice. First, Microsoft entertained the possibility of acquiring Yahoo’s search for $1 billion and a buyback of Yahoo stock for $8 billion. After that deal fell through, [...]

Yahoo & Google– Even Worse than Yahoo & MSN

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27th June

My last blog discussed why a Yahoo/MSN merger would be bad for our clients.  Well, the glass just became less full.  The proposed partnership with Google poses even greater problems for our clients.  Here is what is happening:  Yahoo will reserve the right to display a Google bidder on their search engine at their sole [...]

Quick Hits – Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Google Analytics Scripts & Integration

25th June

Integrating Google Analytics with Google Doc Spreadsheets If you are looking for a way to integrate Google Analytics with Google Doc Spreadsheet look no further. With the help of Firefox Greasemonkey plugin and some honest hard work by Michael Freeman, you now have the ability to quickly integrate and download analytics data into a Google [...]

Quick Hits – SEM SEO & More

20th June

Search Engine Marketing Are you running SEM in house or perhaps thinking about what it would entail? Probably a good idea to get familiar with some of the common mistakes SEM PPC mistakes small business users make. You should also be aware that any sudden spikes in impression levels, click levels or anything else for [...]

What to do if your Google Account Disappears from the MCC!

16th June

So you come in to work ready to pull some reports and do some analysis. You login into you’re My Client Center (MCC) Adwords account and proceed to use the drop down to get to your Google Adwords account. But then… it’s not there. Your rub your eyes and take a deep breath. Maybe you [...]


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