MSN & Yahoo Aiming for AOL? Yang said What?

16th July

Some quick updates on the MSN – Yahoo saga.After the most recent offer was rebuffed by Yahoo, both MSN & Yahoo are potentially targeting AOL. As the Aug 1 shareholder meeting nears, both sides are trying to leverage their position and out position themselves for what is bound to be a heated conversation where landscape [...]

Yahoo turns away latest Microsoft Icahn Bid

14th July

Yahoo! Inc turned away a proposal by Microsoft and activist shareholder Carl Icahn. The new proposal would have broken off Yahoo’s search business to be sold to Microsoft while the rest of the business would be left under the control of Ichan’s new board.Yahoo! balked calling it an “odd and opportunistic alliance” that doesn’t consider [...]

How do I get a Google Mini Fridge?

14th July

Did you know the Google Mini Fridge can be plugged into your car lighter? Did you know the Google Mini Fridge can be set on Cold or Hot? Did yo know the Cold & Hot switches are switched backwards? For those who have been using Google Adwords extensively for their businesses may know about a [...]

Google Search Volume Tool

9th July

For those of us who have been in search marketing for a few years we all have fond memories of the Overture (now known as Yahoo) Traffic/Inventory Estimating tool. I know I personally utilized this tool to gain insight into the search inventory available and make best guesses on how much traffic I would be [...]

What has Changed in the Search Engine Industry 2008

1st July

  The search landscape has always been prone to big changes. Universal Search comes to mind. The revamp of Google’s algorithm last year caused epic chaos and closing of businesses. However in the first 6 months of 2008, it’s been relatively quiet other than the Yahoo MSN acquisition drama. Here are some quick hits for [...]


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