Comparative Advertising: Competitor Analysis

26th September

What is comparative advertising? Comparative advertising is where companies like to pit their product features next to other well known competitors in an effort to differentiate their product. You have probably seen this in a table format with product features listed along the right with check marks showing which product holds which features. This is [...]

Weekly Tip: Search Engine Marketing Adwords

19th September

Setting up SEM Campaigns One of the most overlooked aspect of running a SEM campaign is how important the structure of the account is for both management purposes and for performance. There are numerous factors to consider when deciding how to structure your account. How can I make my structure tight? What type of keywords [...]

How important is an XML site map file for SEO?

17th September

One of the most common SEO recommendations these days is to use an XML site map file.  But how important is a site map file for SEO? An XML site map is a file you place on your website that lists some or all of the pages in your site.  The idea is that search engine spiders [...]

International Search Engine Marketing Share

17th September

It is easy for everyone to think that Google owns the search market. If I want to be on search, I need to be on Google simple as that. Well it isn’t so simple when it comes to international markets. Though Google has a strong grip on the US market, this isn’t always the case [...]

CAPPS Conference

16th September

First, I’d like to thank the CAPPS (California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools) team for allowing me to speak at thier annual conference.  We have done a number of tests in the edu veritcal and find a lot of areas of opportunities.  This vertical is highly competitive and the big players have a lot of advantages [...]


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