Mortgage Lead Response Presents Challenge and Opportunity – 136 Lender Study

8th October

LeadQual’s shopping spree continues.  As a follow-up to our Secret Shopper study for education leads, we decided to shop the mortgage industry to determine how quickly lenders respond to their mortgage leads. In our study, lead forms were completed and submitted for 136 lenders.  Incredibly, only 40% of our inquiries received a telephone response over a 24 hour period.  [...]

LeadQual Unveils It’s Comprehensive 92 School Secret Shopper Results

5th June

Here at LeadQual, we decided to do a bit of shopping. We bought 5 cell phones, and gave them all to Kima. Kima then completed 5 different web forms for 92 different schools. Kima then grew 3 more ears and hit submit! Actually, we’ve been doing this over the past few months, so she could effectively [...]

Google Adwords: Trademark Policy Battle

15th May

Imagine opening your Sunday paper and seeing ads from a large supermarket chain that didn’t list actual products for sale; instead, they simply listed the categories of products available – offers like “Buy discount cola” and “Snacks on sale.” The ads wouldn’t be useful since you wouldn’t know what products are actually being offered. For [...]

Rapid Response to Leads Drives Internet Conversion

22nd April

LeadQual has released a white paper showing how rapid response to internet leads increases conversion.  You can view the white paper here. LeadQual’s lead response and live lead transfer service was created on this principle, and we proud to have the data to show how our customers benefit. Key findings of white paper include: Prospective [...]

MSN adCenter – New Conversion Tracking Options

23rd March

MSN Conversion Inflated Most marketers and agencies probably never noticed, but MSN’s tracking has always been unreliable. Here at LeadQual, we knew about this problem because we do what we can to trace every click down to the conversion or sale. We try to de-dup our tracking efforts and match the numbers just to be [...]


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