AdWords Fun Fact: Negative Embedded Match

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The following is a type of match that less than 1% of all advertisers are familiar with.

Quick Definition: Negative embedded match gives an advertiser the ability to show every variation of a keyword, except for the keyword.

What does this mean?

Example: “San Francisco Real Estate”

This will allow me to show up for “Real Estate San Francisco”, “San Francisco Real Estate Today”, “Francisco Real San Estate” but not “San Francisco Real Estate”

Why is this useful for search engine marketers?

  1. Negative embedded match allows you control over conflicts between multiple keywords (with multiple match types) that are all eligible for triggering potential ads.  – This is critical if you are running multiple keyword match types in various AdWords accounts.

Example: Account 1 has only broad keywords while Account 2 has the same exact keywords but in exact match. In this example Account 1 would be implementing negative embedded match.

2)  Allows ads not to be displayed for keywords that produce low return on investments, but yet appear for specific keyword variations.

Example: “San Francisco Real Estate” derives a conversion rate of 1%, while variations such as “Cheap San Francisco Real Estate” or “San Francisco Real Estate Companies” produce 5% conversion rates. With endless variations of “San Francisco Real Estate” it is most efficient to run negative embedded match.

How does this work?

Let’s use the example of just “real estate” this time.  We are a national chain that sells real estate, however the keyword “real estate” brings in very little conversions, or conversions at an unaffordable price-point.  We know that three word combinations and four word combinations (“San Francisco real estate”, “Denver real estate”, “real estate in San Diego”) have excellent ROIs.

In our example we would insert –[real estate] into our ad group to appear for all variations except “real estate” when someone searches Google.

Final Notes
Effective search marketing requires more and more control over keywords.By using negative embedded matching we can pull search query reports to see what variations users typed into Google and which of keywords provide the highest return on investment.

If your vertical contains high traffic and there is budget for keyword testing, I strongly encourage implementing negative embedded matching to hunt the long-tail of effective keywords.

Happy Hunting,
Nicholas Abramovic

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One thought on “AdWords Fun Fact: Negative Embedded Match

  1. Does “Negative Embedded Match” still work?
    I created adgroup of phrase match kewyords in adwords and added negative exact match of these kw and I get note on little cloud that ads are not showing due to negative kw!

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