How do I get listed on Google News? Yahoo News?

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Getting your news article posted on Google News or Yahoo News can be a big boon for gaining website visitors. In one day you could potentially get thousands of visitors coming to your site for the first time. Yahoo News is the most popular news aggregator in terms of usage. Google News hasn’t picked up such a following yet but it serves the results with a similar type of algorithm like its normal search counterpart. It serves news it deems to be relevant and from sites that it deems to have authority.

You can always go through a PR firm which will help get your articles shown on these sites, but did you know you can directly submit them to the engines yourself? If you’d like to get your article listed on Google News, you need to go ahead and submit your site or blog directly to Google News or Yahoo News. The catch is that your website will be reviewed and either accepted or rejected depending on several factors.

Originality & Validity
1. Is the content original or just rewritten news found anywhere on the web?
2. Organization Information
3. Author Information, Multiple Authors is better
4. Transparency – Name of Author in each post
5. Focus of the site (is it a specific news category, segment or industry) and its relevancy?
6. Frequency of Articles (should have multiple posts per day)
7. Look and Feel of site – is it like a news site? Are there images and videos?
8. Is there advertising on the site? (a sign of traffic volume)

9. URL for each article must be static
10. URL for each article must have a unique number consisting of at least 3 digits (this has been debated, but always safer to do)

11. Site Load Speed

To further enhance your case you can provide
1. Statistics
2. Historical Background of site
3. List of Awards
4. Talk about Editors and Authors
5. Who links to your site

Here is where you can submit them.
Google News
Yahoo News

Hope this helps!

Please feel free to comment with thoughts, suggestions and questions.

Paul Lee
Director of Online Marketing
LeadQual – SEM

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