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Are you running SEM in house or perhaps thinking about what it would entail? Probably a good idea to get familiar with some of the common mistakes SEM PPC mistakes small business users make. You should also be aware that any sudden spikes in impression levels, click levels or anything else for that matter should be thoroughly investigated.Is Google’s Pay Per Action in Flux? Will it Survive or become of the hundreds of Google “beta” products that slowly disappears into obscurity. Cross Tracking is also long gone.Have you been in the Google & Yahoo SEM forums? I am sure you’ve seen people talk about their Google & Yahoo reps and how they said this and that and how they will do this and that for you. Well how does one obtain a Google or Yahoo rep? Good Question. Find some tidbits here on what it takes!

Social Media & Search Engine Optimization

How about all you’ve heard about search media and the potential to use them for SEO benefits? There are so many sites out there and many will allow you to post up a naked link right on your profile!

Industry News

What is going on in Yahoo? Ever since the MSN/Yahoo debacle, many seem to be discontent with the leadership, particular shareholders (i.e. Icahn) tried to forcibly try to appoint a new board and is nearing releasing some more info on his proxy fight, and there has been mass exodus and corporate reshuffling. Now comes the partnership with Google. It will be very interesting to see how Yahoo showing Google Ads will impact the Search Engine Marketing Industry. Will the bids rise or fall? Will the click volume change in both Google & Yahoo. How will Yahoo go about sorting through what gets shown? We will see in due time. Wishing them the best in getting through this difficult time.The latest execs to leave are Stewart Butterfield & Caterina Fake the founders of Flickr which is owned by Yahoo. A creative resignation letter?

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