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Google Enabling Content Network Frequency Capping with DoubleClick

11th November

 Tired of the same people looking at your ads and want a more diverse group of Internet users to see your ads? Google has introduced frequency capping with the DoubleClick cookies. This is great for both advertisers and users because it will help avoid the same ad appearing again and again, giving users a wider [...]

First Page Bids and Dynamic Quality Scores

28th August

Today I am posting a presentation on the new first page bids and dynamic quality scores for Google AdWords. It is my hope that the new quality scores and bidding algorithms will force pay per click marketers to become smarter; however I do agree with Paul Lee that there is a chance that more “dumb [...]

AdWords Fun Fact: Negative Embedded Match

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27th August

The following is a type of match that less than 1% of all advertisers are familiar with. Quick Definition: Negative embedded match gives an advertiser the ability to show every variation of a keyword, except for the keyword. What does this mean? Example: “San Francisco Real Estate” This will allow me to show up for [...]

Google Changes Quality Score System to Real Time

22nd August

Google is changing the way they measure your Quality Score. Though Google uses an auction bid type system for its Adwords management, much of your position ranking is currently determined by how relevant Google deems your structure, ad, keyword and landingpages are with one another. Then it takes that score, factors in your account history, [...]

The Bracket Trick

22nd August

A little known tactic with Dynamic Keyword Insertion (the “bracket trick”) is placing keywords into your destination URLs. Most Internet marketers just implement the bracket trick in their headline or description line (see below example) {KeyWord:Lead Generation Marketing} Get ROI focused SEM PPC Management. We Share All Our Strategies & Data! www.LeadQual.com/Leads You can also [...]


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